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Jennifer Bradley Small reviewed Adept Auto Detailing —  5 STARS

So impressed !! Jesse did a wonderful job on my truck looks like new. And such a nice and professional guy!

Farbod N. reviewed Adept Auto Detailing —  5 STARS

You have to see it to believe it ! Incredible workmanship and exceptional attention to detail ! Just amazing . Fact : This should be your one and only stop – that good !!!

Catherine Allen reviewed Adept Auto Detailing —  5 STARS

Oh my gosh. This place works miracles!! I brought in my very loved Ford Explorer for a Standard Interior Detail, and my car looks better than the day I purchased it brand new. The trunk space, which used to look like a blanket of white dog fur is once again black. The floor mats and carpeting have no remnants of last years snow, leaves or mud. There is not a piece of dust or fingerprint on the touch screen to be found (and likely won’t be for a while as I’m afraid to touch anything!). The leather seats are conditioned and shiny, the dash has a protective coat to keep it black. To say I couldn’t be happier is truly an understatement. Be prepared to be car-less for 4-6 hours and $175 poorer, but you absolutely get your money’s worth at Adept Auto Detailing. I won’t be going anywhere else and you shouldn’t either.

Johanna Sloan reviewed Adept Auto Detailing —  5 STARS

Excellent service, excellent results!

Justine Barlowe reviewed Adept Auto Detailing —  5 STARS

If ever the need arises, I recommend that you contact Adept Auto Detailing, to address your detail requests. Whether exterior or interior, Jesse is the seasoned professional for the task at hand.

Marsha Montgomery reviewed Adept Auto Detailing —  5 STARS

Fast, friendly service. Very professional and quick turn around with their work. I was nervous about having car detailed due to bad experiences in the past with other places but was very happy with how my car looked when done. The finish is shiny and smooth. Jesse picked my car up and work and returned it when done-very easy! He explained how the work was done and how I could have some rock chips fixed with paint restoration next time I get my car detailed. Thanks again!

Erik Gagnon reviewed Adept Auto Detailing —  5 STARS

Brought over our Yukon to have detailed. Having 2 children, they can definitely turn an interior into a disaster. Jesse and his crew took her in and made her look showroom condition!! Excellent work and highly recommend!

Cary Weston reviewed Adept Auto Detailing —  5 STARS

Prompt, hassle free and looks great – would most assuredly refer and recommend.

Emmett Hodder reviewed Adept Auto Detailing —  5 STARS

I recently purchased a new Subaru WRX and found a rock chip on my hood in the first week of ownership (Subarus have notoriously soft/thin paint). I immediately made an appointment with Adept Auto to have a ceramic coating applied before I did any additional damage. Jesse offered to fix the existing chip at no additional cost if I dropped off a bottle of touch-up paint with the car.

The paint looks flawless – much better than when I picked it up at the dealership (it already had light swirls from being washed there). I had been questioning my choice of color (dark blue) because I was sure it would be a pain to keep looking clean. Thanks to Adept Auto this is no longer a concern – maintaining the exterior should be a breeze with the coating as nothing sticks to the surface, bugs and dirt rinse right off.

My only regret is that I did not drive my car straight from the dealer to Adept Auto – the next car purchased, used or new, will be going to Adept Auto before it comes home.

Chris Olmstead reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

I know these are supposed to be in twitter type format, however there are too many great things to say. I came a crossed Adept by accident, was on that side of town and just dropped in. Jesse was on his way out, however stuck around to talk to a drop in. I told him what I was looking for and he explained everything in great detail, moreover, enthusiastically. I made my appointment and his manner and professionalism was only outdone by his work. I have been going to Bangor’s most known detailing shop for years, and they cannot touch Jesse’s work. There is not a single blemish on my car now. Removed every scratch and swirl and looks like a mirror. His work, equipment, and products used are top shelf. Me, and my family, will never go elsewhere. If you’re on the fence as I was, it won’t take you long to realize you made the right choice.
Not only does it look better then when it came out of the dealership, it is peace of mind too know it is protected from anything Maine will throw at it. Thanks Jesse!

Mark Stephens reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

Jesse is a top bloke and a craftsman at his trade. His customer service is incredible, He runs me up to the mall when i have my car in so i can go watch a film and do stuff whilst i wait for my car to be ready, then he comes and finds me and takes me back.. My Traverse looks incredible and i can’t stop looking at it. Occasionally even get to drive it too.

Brian Tuffley reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

I can’t begin to say how satisfied I am with the job Adept did on my car. The interior looks better than the day I drove it off the showroom floor. The outside looks brand new. My car is 11 years old and seen many Maine winters. After the detailing, you could never tell. I would recommend adept to everyone who wants to have their vehicles looking new again. Extremely professional and very reasonable!

Ron DeFeo reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

I want to give a shout out to Jesse-he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to detailing-he takes great pride in his work-he goes above and beyond with his attention to detail-all while putting his clients first-I would highly recommend Jesse for any level of vehicle detail.

David Hannan reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

I took a car to Adept that I thought the interior was a lost cause. 2 days later, it looked brand new! I would highly recommend taking your vehicle there for any type of detailing. Jesse did an amazing job!

Eric Porter reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

I love everything about Adept! It was easy to book my appointment and excellent customer service in answering all my questions. My car looks amazing! I will not bring my cars to anyone else but Adept in the future!

Craig Allen reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

I’ll get right to the point: this place is the best. My car essentially looked (and smelled) brand new after having the interior detailed by Jesse. A great company and even better people! I could not have had a better experience, both customer service-wise and results-wise.

Jennifer DeLaney Gilroy reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

As a lifelong car nut, I’ve never been willing to let anyone else detail my vehicles. Whether it was my nitrous-fed Camaro, lifted Jeep, Syclone, WRX or jet black BMW 135i, I just didn’t trust the “pros” to get it clean without damaging the clear coat. Unfortunately, I moved to a house without a garage and realized that I couldn’t do my own detailing outdoors in a gravel/dirt driveway. As a result, I decided to give Adept Auto Detailing a try about a year ago, and I’m glad I did. Jesse is the only person I’ve met that’s probably as obsessive-compulsive about car detailing as I am. Not only that, but he uses the right products and has the skills needed to keep my cars looking their best, no easy task with these Maine winters. Definitely five stars and the only detailer I will use.

Rachel Precopio White reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

My car is a 2006 & it needed some serious loving that I was unable to provide effectively . Adept Auto made my car look better than the day I bought it from the dealer. I was actually considering getting a newer car, but I’m going to settle for the new-looking one that Adept Auto Detailing provided me with today. Thank you for the tremendous work that you do. You’re very skilled and future clients will be thanking themselves for choosing you.

Don Hanson reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

Jesse has detailed both my personal car and our company van and did a superb job both inside and out. His attention to detail and pride in doing the best is exactly what I want in someone detailing my vehicles because let’s face it… it’s all in the details! Additionally, we had Jesse apply this coating to our windshields that is simply amazing! Water just flows off when driving down the road and the ice comes off much easier too. That’s been huge a time saver this winter. If you want your car to have that “new” look again, both inside and out, call Jesse at Adept Auto Service.

Gregory Ramey reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

All aspects of Adept are wonderful– both the detailing and business ends are done really well. My clear-coat scratches are gone and my car looks better than when I drove it off the lot a year ago. Highly recommended and worth a drive!

Scott Patterson reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

I had my wife’s Ford Escape detailed today. Jesse did a wonderful job. I would definitely highly recommend Adept Auto Detailing to anyone thinking about getting their vehicle detailed. Great job Jesse and thanks again.

Melissa Higgins reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

This is the first time I have ever had one of my vehicles detailed. My car looks amazing!! Jesse did a fantastic job and answered every question I had. I will be recommending Adept Auto Detailing to all of my family and friends.

Jacob Ainsworth reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

I purchased a used van recently and had Adept Auto Detailing clean it. The van had a slight cigarette smell and felt grimy. Jesse was very detailed and took stuff apart in order to make sure everything was clean. Now the vehicle is pristine and there is no smell. The job was done on time and beyond my expectations! This business knows what they are doing! Thank you for your hard work!

Jodi Brasslett reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

Amazing attention to detail! I own a Yukon that has transported young children for the last 10 years…. this means a lot of dirt and remnants of food. A day at Adept Auto Detailing has my car looking brand new at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend this company to anyone and will continue to use them for my personal vehicles and our fleet of construction vehicles. THANK YOU!!!

David Pooler reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

My 6 year old Toyota truck is a work truck that I plan on keeping for a long time. Jesse just extended that time and made the truck look like it did when I bought it. Even smells like new. Will refer Adept Auto to everyone I know.

Wanda Whitcomb Bean reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

My car is brand new again! Jesse loves his job & it shows in his amazing work! You will not go wrong in hiring him to detail your vehicles. He’s very conscientious & ‘detail’ oriented!

Hubert Jiang reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

Been taking my vehicle to Jesse periodically since moving to the area. He’s by far the best detailer I know, both in terms of customer service and professionalism.

Tammy Brooks Patterson reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

Impressed my car looks and smells brand new! Thank You I love my car again.

Benjamin Myerowitz reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

I had Jesse detail my car and I couldn’t believe the difference. It honestly looked better than the day I bought it. Jesse is the best detailer in town, bar none.

Laura Page reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

My car looks amazing! I didn’t think it could look that good with kids and dogs! All the stains are gone!

Jennifer Morin reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

Outstanding! Jesse detailed my Explorer today after months of snow and salt sludge caked on, it’s like it never saw a Maine Winter! Thanks Adept Auto Detailing!!

Jennifer Campo reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

Inside and outside look great! Just like brand new. I would recommend jessi to anyone for car detailing because he does a wonderful job.

Kimberly Stairs reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

Just got my car back from Jesse and my expectations were blown away. Jesse did an.amazing job detailing my car!

Jimmy Lee reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

Had my truck detailed today and it came out great!! Thanks again

Mark Holmes reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

Great service! My car looks better then when I bought it.
Thank you Jesse

Kristen Hornbrook reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

I am impressed! I’ll be sending all my friends to Jesse!!

Robin Aston reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS


Chris Olmstead reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

Wasn’t paying attention and put a nice scratch on my car. Dropped Adept a line and he got right back to me and had me in the shop the next day. Took all of 5 minutes for him to fix it like new. From the time I put the scratch in till it was fixed was 16 hours.
This was my second time back and I will never go elsewhere.
Adept his a professional and classy as it gets.
Thanks again!

Victoria Bean reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

I have taken my vehicle to Adept Auto Detailing twice now and BOTH times I have been soooooooo impressed! I seriously have never seen their quality of work anywhere else. It is definitely worth every penny! Every inch, inside & outside, was perfectly spotless. The “before & after” almost mind blowing. If youre on the fence, jump off & drive over to Adept 🙂

Gregory Ramey reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

Extremely dedicated to getting your car as clean and protected as you like! My car looked better than when I drove it off the lot new. If you want something done that isn’t listed on the website, I’m sure Jesse would be willing to work with you on it. Won’t go anywhere else for as long as Adept is around

Kristen Hornbrook reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

In the past I’ve taken my car to other places to be cleaned and detailed and I’ve never been truly happy or impressed with the service or the condition of my car; I am a bit of a perfectionist. I have found no one who does the high quality work that Adept does. The work is always done on time, professional, and with an attention to detail that is second to none. I’ve told many friends and business associates about Adept Auto Detailing and the wonderful treatment my car has received, inside and out, and I will continue to refer people. I believe my car deserves the best and that is why I take it to Adept Auto Detailing, because they are the best!

Debra Bell reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

I brought my very dirty Subaru Impreza for a detailing and window protection application and was thrilled with the results. Jesse came and picked my car up, he made it shine and then brought it back so that I didn’t have to wait around the waiting room. My car is cleaner than it has ever been before and his service was top notch. I highly recommend using Jesse for detailing any car. We’ll take the car back this spring once the snow, ice and salt are gone for an even deeper cleaning.

Kristy Kimball reviewed Adept Auto Detailing 5 STARS

The only thing that surprised me more than the excellent work Adept Auto Detailing performed on my car was the friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly (IMO), passionate owner, Jesse Bell. It is obvious that he has a sense of pride in the work he does and it shows in the end result. The car actually looked better than when I bought it from the dealer, the interior and exterior sparkled.

My husband who is never easily impressed also had his vehicle detailed. Jesse cleaned things that neither the dealer nor he himself could do with satisfaction. His car looked ten times better than when he first purchased it. He was very happy.

I would hands down recommend Adept Auto Detailing to any person considering the service. You won’t be disappointed and trust me, when I’ve been elsewhere I was disappointed. There is no one else I’ll take our vehicles to.

One last thing. He even picks up and delivers your vehicle for those busy professionals that just don’t have the time. Who can beat that!

Nate Curtis reviewed Adept Auto Detailing — 5 STARS

Jesse takes pride in customer service and is consistent in professionally cleaning each car. I was very impressed with how clean he returned our SUV to “new” condition so now use Adept for annual cleaning and protective sealing/wax for both of my cars. Online website lists what he can do with prices and easy schedule program. Spend anytime taking to Jesse and you realize how knowledgeable he is about the products he uses and why they are his choices. Highly recommend this business.

Nicole Patterson Libby reviewed Adept Auto Detailing — 5 STARS

We have used Adept Auto every Summer for the past 3 years. He always does a fantastic job! So much attention to detail. Our 2007 Ford Fusion’s interior looks brand new Thanks to Jesse’s care. We have no need to ever look for another car detailer, Adept Auto does it all. Worth every single penny.

Alan A. Libby reviewed Adept Auto Detailing — 5 STARS

Jesse does an amazing work! I drive a 2007 Ford Fusion and it had many scratches from a rough winter a couple years ago. Jesse repaired all the scratches and made the car look like new inside and out!

Joe Ladd reviewed Adept Auto Detailing — 5 STARS

I recently purchased a new truck that I was in search of exterior protection for the paint due to the fact that it is a black work truck for my landscape business. Adept offered me a product far superior to others. The product makes it easier to wash dirt off keeping my black truck clean and has superior scratch protection!

I also had Adept do a full exterior wax and protectant on my personal truck. Being a fan of black paint I must say this truck after 3 years looks better than show room condition!
Saying that Adept takes pride in the work they do is an understatement! My experiences were proof of hours of meticulous work! Thank you!

Lara Nadine Beck-Clark reviewed Adept Auto Detailing — 5 STARS

Jesse does amazing work. His attention to detail is incredible. He gives my car that new feel again.

Alexis Dixon reviewed Adept Auto Detailing — 5 STARS

Jesse treated my 2006 Honda Accord like it was a brand new Porsche. I showed up to Adept Auto Detailing without a ride home (I was planning on a taxi home), and he went above and beyond for customer service. He drove the car back to my house and delivered it back when he was done!

I opted for an interior detail and after the scheduled 4 hours of hard work he let me know there was some mold under one of the seats. He didn’t charge me a cent more than planned and ended up spending a total of about 6 hours removing mold and cat hair from the car. It is clear Adept Auto values hard work and attention to detail.

When Jesse delivered the car back to my house I was speechless. It looked brand new. I cannot say enough good things about Adept Auto and their impeccable work. If you’re looking at other places and debating…DON’T. Jesse will treat your car like it’s his own. Thank you Jesse and Adept Auto Detailing!

My personal favorites, the anonymous reviews left on Square:

Oct 9th 2017: very pleased with the results of my VW detailing. . . convertible looks brand new!

June 21, 2017: Jesse is a wizard: great job!

Nov 19th, 2016: Excellent work! Very happy!

May 3rd, 2016: Totally thrilled with my car!! It looks fantastic. Have already recommended Adept to my co-works.

Dec 14th, 2015: I am absolutely shocked at how clean my vehicle is now! You did an amazing job, and I am pretty sure a little magic must have been involved. :). Thank you!

Oct 5th 2015: Perfect as always, thank you Jesse!!!!