Standard Exterior Detail

Recommended as a bi-annual service, the Std Exterior includes complete clay-bar decontamination and a hand-applied coating of one of our quality 12-month waxes. This service adds a layer of protection to the vehicle that protects against water-spot buildup, etching caused by bird-bombs and bug guts, and environmental fall-out. Recommended for returning customers on a low-maintenance treatment schedule. Minor scuffs and spot polishing is included.

  • time: 3-4 hours (depending on size)
  • includes:
    • 24-step hand wash over the entire vehicle: wheels, arches, all bodywork including door and trunk jambs
    • Vehicle is dried using compressed air and plush microfiber towels
    • Full paint decontamination with clay bar treatment (removes embedded road grime, tar, bug guts, and paint splatter)
    • Hand waxed with quality 6-month paste wax
    • Tires degreased and dressed with water based no-sling product

notes: To maintain this protection, we recommend our Maintenance Exterior Service or bi-monthly Touchless Car Wash visits.