Maintenance Exterior Service

Wash & Wax

Our comprehensive 24-step wash & wax service is designed for those not wanting to subject their vehicle to the scratches or chemical etching caused by automated car washes. After the vehicle is washed and dried, we apply a quality spray wax to boost and maintain the vehicle’s primary wax layer. Tires are degreased and dressed with a water based no-sling product. This service is a bi-monthly recommendation for our returning customers in order to maintain a scratch-free finish. This service does not include any clay-bar treatment or any polishing, as this is meant as a maintenance service between exterior details.

  • time: 30-45 minutes to 1 hour (depending on size)
  • includes:
    • 24-step hand wash over the entire vehicle: wheels, arches, all bodywork including door and trunk jambs
    • Vehicle is dried using compressed air and plush microfiber towels
    • Synthetic spray wax is applied to paintwork to help boost primary wax/sealant layer
    • Tires degreased and dressed with water based no-sling product