Exterior Detailing Process

To begin with, a full, proper, and genuine exterior detail starts with a wash to remove dirt, debris, and other large contaminates on the vehicle. To do this, a pH-neutral soap is used in conjunction with proper technique to avoid additional scratching or marring of the vehicle’s paint. A foam-cannon is sometimes used in a pre-wash procedure to aid in preventing additional damage to the vehicle. If the vehicle is going to be polished, any existing waxes or sealants are removed during this process.

After the vehicle has been completely washed, the next process in a proper detail is to clay the paint. Claying the paint removes contaminates that a wash cannot and that would otherwise affect the results of polishing or waxing the paint. When you run a hand over paint that has been clayed, it feels smooth like glass instead of gritty and rough. A light wash follows a clay job to remove any clay residues or lubricant. This leaves the paint ready for polishing or waxing.

Now that the paint is completely clean it can be polished to remove scratches and imperfections and buffed to a high gloss finish. This procedure can have multiple steps using different polishes, depending on the condition of the paint. Different polishes can be used to control the amount of gloss or the amount of depth to the shine of the paint, depending on the type of paint (i.e. pearl, candy, tri-coats, etc.) and the color. This is typically the most time-intensive process (5-50 man hours) of a proper detail, and the area where professional training and experience have the greatest influence on results.

Paint Protection typically comes in three forms: coatings, waxes, and sealants. Each option has pros and cons, and explaining them is the purpose of today’s post.
Several paint coating options exist on the market today, and new ones are added all the time. They all serve the same purpose: to add more protection to the paint. Some offer substantial scratch-resistance, others superior hydrophobic qualities. Some last the life of the vehicle, and others only a couple of years. Most are ceramic based.
Carnauba wax is normally used for car shows, as the warm, deep shine can’t be beat. The problem is it’s very fragile to temperature and the environment and generally doesn’t last longer than a month.
Paint Sealants are synthetic waxes that generally offer a very glossy shine, but usually without the depth of a natural wax. They can last from 3 months to a year or more, and are a great choice for vehicles that see regular use.
What We Use:
All of them. They all have their place in detailing. Have a garage queen that you want prepped for the Bangor Car Show this year? Carnauba Wax over freshly polished paint. Have a new daily driver? Paint Sealant over a permanent coating.
Knowing how each option works with different colors and clear coats and with each other is where hours of experience comes in, and is the reason you should follow the advice of your detailer to achieve the results you desire.

Interior Detailing Process

We clean and restore interiors back to factory new condition!
(Here is how we do it!)
Starting with a complete inspection which will identify problem areas, we formulate a customized Interior Detail using a number of factors:
  • The age and style/type of vehicle
  • The condition of the interior surfaces such as the console, gauges, vinyl, chrome, and wood finish
  • The style, type, wearing, cracking, composite, and damage to upholstered surfaces such as leather, vinyl, and fabric
  • The carpet
  • The headliner
  • The seat belts
  • The source of any odors
  • The degree of stains and where they are located within the interior
  • These factors aid in determining which processes, tools, and products are required to effectively clean and condition the interior. They also determine how much time will be necessary to perform the service. When your vehicle is returned, it will look spotless, and smell fresh and clean!
Our Typical Interior Detailing Process
  • Secure and contain personal items (loose change, sunglasses, pens, notepads, etc.) and set aside.
  • Using compressed air, we remove dust from vents, console, and dash; under and between seats, across upholstery seams, into hard to reach places and any crevices; inside map/magazine pockets and console switches and controls; steering wheel gaps; trim pieces and every other place that dust or dirt collects. We then vacuum all resulting dust and debris.
  • Remove floor mats from vehicle. Vacuum and pre-treat for any staining. Agitate carpet and mats to bring soil from the base of fibers to the top. Inject heated water to shampoo and rinse carpet. Dry carpet and reinstall dry mats in vehicle.
  • Clean and remove any headliner staining.
  • Clean and condition all upper trim parts (upper seat belt anchors, plastic pillar facades) with appropriate products and cleaners.
  • Clean and condition dash-board and center consoles. Deep clean all buttons and controls, cup holders, pockets, trays, crevices, and shift assemblies.
  • Clean leather seats and head rests with appropriate products and cleaners. Deep clean all seams and creases  Apply leather conditioner when dry.
  • Pre-treat upholstery seats for stains then shampoo, rinse, and dry cloth seats.
  • Clean and condition all lower trim parts (door sills, foot wells, door panels, door pockets, ash trays, door handles, door pulls, windows switches) with appropriate products and cleaners.
  • Deep clean gas, brake, and clutch pedals clean with appropriate products and cleaners.
  • Visually inspect the interior to verify all areas are completely clean and conditioned.
  • Return customer’s personal items to car.

The pricing of our detailing services is based on the size, age, condition and requirements of each vehicle. We invite you to bring your vehicle to us for a complete evaluation – no appointment necessary. This will include recommendations and pricing options. You will be able to inspect any vehicles that are receiving our services so you can see first-hand the quality of our work, and more importantly, know what to expect for your own vehicle.
You will be amazed at the dramatic change in the condition and appearance of your vehicle after it receives our care!

HOLDING ONTO A TOILET BOWL LID: How your car’s interior is NINE times dirtier than a public toilet

Outside of a professional detail service, when was the last time your steering wheel was cleaned? Think about it, it’s the thing you touch the most every time you leave the house. Shopping cart handles, door knobs and handles, and everything else you touch is covered in germs, and you collect them all very neatly on your steering wheel. In fact, your everyday automobile is saturated in germs.

The average steering wheel has over 700 different types of bacteria PER SQUARE INCH. Compare that with the 80 or so different kinds of bacteria found on a public toilet. The average trunk: almost as dirty with close to 670 strains per square inch.

The worst part? A study by London’s Queen Mary University found that one of the most common bacteria living where you’re constantly putting your hands is bacillus cereus, food poisoning and general bowel disruptor extraordinaire.

When we clean the steering wheel of an interior, our #1 tool is steam for this very reason. Steam destroys bacteria like no one’s business, and we love it! Another great benefit is that steam doesn’t leave any sticky residues behind.

Flu shots are very popular during this time of year, and a flu shot for your car could have just as big of an impact on your health and your family’s health this holiday season.

An interior detail also makes an excellent gift for friends and family (especially if you or your children ever have to ride in their vehicles, lol) and Gift Certificates are always available!

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Flying out of Bangor? Save money on parking and have it detailed while you’re gone!

Currently, the price to leave a vehicle in long-term parking at the Bangor International Airport is $10/day. That fee to leave your car sitting in a parking lot can add up quickly when you’re away.

That’s not including the new dents and scratches your vehicle might get from being left in a packed lot with narrow spaces.

Instead of paying to let it sit at the airport, leave it safe with us and have it detailed instead! The first 2 weeks are free when you schedule your car to be cleaned and leave it with us while you fly out of town. After 2 weeks, we charge a reasonable $5/day to continue to store your cleaned car safely inside our shop.

We can even drop you off at the airport and pick you up when you return, all at no extra cost to you. Our shop is conveniently located right around the corner from the airport so it only takes a couple of minutes to get there.

While you’re gone, we’ll store your car or truck inside our spacious shop, and have it perfectly cleaned for you before you fly back to Bangor.

How much nicer will your next return home to Maine be when you step off the plane and step into your freshly detailed and pristinely cleaned car or truck?

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