Interior Detailing Process

We clean and restore interiors back to factory new condition!
(Here is how we do it!)
Starting with a complete inspection which will identify problem areas, we formulate a customized Interior Detail using a number of factors:
  • The age and style/type of vehicle
  • The condition of the interior surfaces such as the console, gauges, vinyl, chrome, and wood finish
  • The style, type, wearing, cracking, composite, and damage to upholstered surfaces such as leather, vinyl, and fabric
  • The carpet
  • The headliner
  • The seat belts
  • The source of any odors
  • The degree of stains and where they are located within the interior
  • These factors aid in determining which processes, tools, and products are required to effectively clean and condition the interior. They also determine how much time will be necessary to perform the service. When your vehicle is returned, it will look spotless, and smell fresh and clean!
Our Typical Interior Detailing Process
  • Secure and contain personal items (loose change, sunglasses, pens, notepads, etc.) and set aside.
  • Using compressed air, we remove dust from vents, console, and dash; under and between seats, across upholstery seams, into hard to reach places and any crevices; inside map/magazine pockets and console switches and controls; steering wheel gaps; trim pieces and every other place that dust or dirt collects. We then vacuum all resulting dust and debris.
  • Remove floor mats from vehicle. Vacuum and pre-treat for any staining. Agitate carpet and mats to bring soil from the base of fibers to the top. Inject heated water to shampoo and rinse carpet. Dry carpet and reinstall dry mats in vehicle.
  • Clean and remove any headliner staining.
  • Clean and condition all upper trim parts (upper seat belt anchors, plastic pillar facades) with appropriate products and cleaners.
  • Clean and condition dash-board and center consoles. Deep clean all buttons and controls, cup holders, pockets, trays, crevices, and shift assemblies.
  • Clean leather seats and head rests with appropriate products and cleaners. Deep clean all seams and creases  Apply leather conditioner when dry.
  • Pre-treat upholstery seats for stains then shampoo, rinse, and dry cloth seats.
  • Clean and condition all lower trim parts (door sills, foot wells, door panels, door pockets, ash trays, door handles, door pulls, windows switches) with appropriate products and cleaners.
  • Deep clean gas, brake, and clutch pedals clean with appropriate products and cleaners.
  • Visually inspect the interior to verify all areas are completely clean and conditioned.
  • Return customer’s personal items to car.

The pricing of our detailing services is based on the size, age, condition and requirements of each vehicle. We invite you to bring your vehicle to us for a complete evaluation – no appointment necessary. This will include recommendations and pricing options. You will be able to inspect any vehicles that are receiving our services so you can see first-hand the quality of our work, and more importantly, know what to expect for your own vehicle.
You will be amazed at the dramatic change in the condition and appearance of your vehicle after it receives our care!