HOLDING ONTO A TOILET BOWL LID: How your car’s interior is NINE times dirtier than a public toilet

Outside of a professional detail service, when was the last time your steering wheel was cleaned? Think about it, it’s the thing you touch the most every time you leave the house. Shopping cart handles, door knobs and handles, and everything else you touch is covered in germs, and you collect them all very neatly on your steering wheel. In fact, your everyday automobile is saturated in germs.

The average steering wheel has over 700 different types of bacteria PER SQUARE INCH. Compare that with the 80 or so different kinds of bacteria found on a public toilet. The average trunk: almost as dirty with close to 670 strains per square inch.

The worst part? A study by London’s Queen Mary University found that one of the most common bacteria living where you’re constantly putting your hands is bacillus cereus, food poisoning and general bowel disruptor extraordinaire.

When we clean the steering wheel of an interior, our #1 tool is steam for this very reason. Steam destroys bacteria like no one’s business, and we love it! Another great benefit is that steam doesn’t leave any sticky residues behind.

Flu shots are very popular during this time of year, and a flu shot for your car could have just as big of an impact on your health and your family’s health this holiday season.

An interior detail also makes an excellent gift for friends and family (especially if you or your children ever have to ride in their vehicles, lol) and Gift Certificates are always available!

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